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Reed City Social District

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The social district in downtown Reed City, known as the Recreation and Event Commons, is the perfect summer getaway. Enjoy alcoholic beverages on the sidewalks of Upton Avenue while seeing what our small-town shops have to offer. Come join us!

Social District


The current, Reed City Social District hours will be as followed for 2023:

  • Open May 26th through September 2nd, Fridays and Saturdays ONLY from 5 pm-10 pm on the 100 Block of Upton Ave.


As part of the social district, patrons ages 21+ can purchase an alcoholic beverage from any of the participating establishments defined on this page, and consume it outdoors on the sidewalk. Please be aware of the following rules so that the social district can continue to be enjoyed safely:

  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into the social district from home or any establishment other than the ones on this page.

  • Alcoholic beverages must be in approved, social district cups that clearly display the Reed City Social District logo as well as the participating establishment's name.

  • Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed on the public sidewalk located within the boundaries. Beverages cannot be consumed in the road, in parking lots, on private property, or in any parks or green spaces. Alcoholic beverages cannot be removed from the boundary area. Note: Social District beverages are allowed in the street provided the street is closed down for any of the Summer Saturdays events listed below.

  • You may not enter another dining establishment, or outdoor dining area, with an alcoholic beverage that you have purchased at an approved social district establishment. You may enter a retail store with your alcoholic beverage to shop IF the store owner permits it.

  • Please help keep downtown Reed City clean and dispose of your cups in the proper recycling container!

Social District


Summer Saturdays in the Reed City Social District!

Summer Saturdays are supported by a grant from the Osceola County Community Foundation and the City of Reed City.

Summer fun is starting in the month of May! The Reed City Social District will be opening up Memorial Day weekend, and there is some amazing entertainment lined up for the last Saturday of each month (May-August)! Save the dates and join us downtown on the 100 block of Upton Ave.!

All events are free. Food and drinks will be available for purchase from downtown establishments. You MUST have a Social District cup purchased from an approved establishment in order to consume alcohol in the Social District. NO OUTSIDE DRINKS ARE ALLOWED.

Bring lawn chairs and have some fun in the beautiful, downtown Reed City, MI!

Click on the event calendar for more details on upcoming events.

Social District Boundaries Map (1).png
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